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Puss in Boots

Once upon a time, there was a miller who had passed away. Presumably from overwork and boredom. In his will, he left the mill to his oldest son, Allen, a handsome, muscular gold-blond-headed young man in his twenties with short, curly hair. To his second son, Freddy, he left his donkey. Freddy was in his late teens with light yellow hair and wore an ascot. And to his youngest son, Calvin, a somewhat chubby blond in his mid-teens, he left his cat, much to Calvin's dismay.

"What a rip-off!" Calvin said the next day after he and his brothers got inheritances "My brothers can make a living off their inheritances, while I'm stuck with a useless cat!"

"Ahem!" the cat said, feeling insulted after hearing his master "I'm standing right here, didn't anyone inform you, it's not polite to talk meanly about others when they're right there?"

You see, this was no ordinary yellow cat with a white muzzle. Aside from the fact that he can talk, he was also a very big cat who can stand on his hind feet, when doing so, he was about at the height of Calvin's chest.

"And give me one good reason I shouldn't have your fur shaved then made into a shawl and then sell you to a Chinese restaurant for your meat?" Calvin said.

But the cat wasn't fazed by this threat. "Haven't you heard?" the cat responded, coolly "The Chinese don't eat cats, that's just a negative stereotype. Plus, I'd make a rather small shawl."

"Oh yeah?" Calvin spat back "And what could you do besides catch rodents?"

"What can I do?" the cat repeated "What could little ol' me do? Why boss, you haven't seen anything, I have a plan."

The cat thought about it, Calvin waited patiently to hear it. "But first," the cat finally said, Calvin listened. "I need a pair of boots."

"Boots?!" Calvin said, surprised. "Also," the cat added "a suave outfit." "What's a cat to do with an outfit?" Calvin asked. The cat knocked on Calvin's forehead. "Uh duh, to wear, Einstein." He said. Calvin lightened up to the cat's response and to his request. He made no hesitation in agreeing

So, that afternoon, Calvin took the cat to town and to the shoemaker. After many showings, he found no boots he was particularly fond of.

"I'm looking for a pair that's as light as a feather and swift as the wind. Also, comfy as silk." The cat explained.

Until finally, the shoemaker brought out a fresh new pair, black leather with the tops folded down some with red tips.

"Ooh-hoo," the cat said, eying the new boots. "That's the pair I'm looking for."

So, after getting the boots, a plum colored vest, a matching flat-topped hat and a velvet bag, Calvin realized something. "Uh, one question, cat." Calvin said quietly.

"Please" the cat interrupted "you may refer to me by something other than just 'cat'. Such as Puss in Boots, Top Cat or T.C."

"Uh, T.C.," Calvin said quietly, "how are you going to pay for all this?"

"That's included in my plan, boss." T.C. answered "Just be patient."

Sometime later, T.C. went into the woods with his bag that had carrots in it. He placed the bag on the ground then went behind the bushes. He waited patiently for at least half an hour, until a rabbit came and went into the bag full of carrots which gave T.C. the opportunity to pull the bag shut with the rabbit inside.

With his catch, T.C. went to the palace of the King and asked for an audience. The guard showed him in to the King, whom was a somewhat plump, Asian man with a mustache.

"Your highness," T.C. said, bowing deeply then pulling the rabbit out of the sack. "I present you a rabbit from the warren of the Marquis of Carabas." The title T.C. made up for Calvin. "He requested I present this to you as a gift from him."

"Well now," the King said, flattered "Let your master know that I thank him greatly for this gift." Before T.C. could leave, the King called out to him, "Oh, also!" he called out which made T.C. stop and turn back. "Take this as an appreciation of my gift." His guard tossed T.C. a bag of gold. "Ooh, a million thanks, your Great Kingliness." T.C. said before heading back.

When T.C. returned to Calvin, he showed him the bag of gold and his owner was very enthusiastic. "Wow!" he said, happily "Now, we can pay the clothes store guy for your outfit." "We sure can, boss." T.C. said slyly "Though, there's more to this plan than this."

The next day, Puss in Boots hid in the cornfield and held open his bag, filling it with seeds. Soon enough, two pigeons flew into the bag and T.C. closed it shut. He then carried them off and returned to the castle.

"Welcome back, my furry friend." The King said, to Top Cat's arrival. "Your majesty," T.C. said "I bring you two pigeons from the Marquis of Carabas' land." "Oh, how generous." The King said, grateful. This time, the King was so pleased that he allowed T.C. to take one of the pigeons for himself.

For the past two months, Puss in Boots continued to catch creatures and presented them to the King as gifts from his master. One day, he even caught an odd little dog that almost looked like a cat. When he presented the dog to the King, he was more grateful than ever.

"Oh, he's adorable, Puss." The King said, "I know the three Princesses will enjoy him."

One day, T.C. went to Calvin, sitting around. "Hey, Calvin," Puss said "I heard from a peasant that the King was going for an outing along the riverbank with his three daughters."

"He is?" Calvin said. "Take my advice, boss." T.C. added. "You'll be rich for the rest of your life, plus, I think you'll really like Princess Suzie, she's a doll."

"Is she now?" Calvin said. "Yeah. All you have to do is go down to the river and swim exactly where I instruct to you. I'll handle everything else."

The "Marquis of Carabas" had no idea what to think of his cat's plan; he just went along with T.C.'s plan. As he stripped to his underwear and went into the river to swim, Puss his Calvin's clothes and went straight towards the King as his carriage approach. "Help! Help!" Top Cat cried out as the King signaled the driver to stop.

The King peered out his window. "Well, if it isn't my furry friend who brought me many lovely gifts." He said, joyous to see the cat. "No time for a friendly chat, Your Highness!" T.C. said, "My boss, the Marquis of Carabas is drowning and thieves stole his clothes!"

"You heard him, save the Marquis of Carabas!" The king said to his two guards at the back of the carriage, in as quickly as a wink, the two guards dived in and saved the Marquis of Carabas.

As the guards escorted Calvin out, Princess Suzie remembered a spare outfit in the trunk. The two guards gave Calvin the new outfit which he immediately put on, they fit like a glove.

The King, very graciously received Calvin, paying him many complements. Calvin even met Princess Suzie, an Asian teen girl with black hair and a light turquoise dress; she had the dog T.C. brought them, now named Chu-Chu.

"Hello." Suzie said. Calvin flushed some and stuttered "H-h-hello." "Well," the King said, "no use standing here. Come right in, Marquis." Calvin accepted the invitation into the carriage and chatted away with Princess Suzie.

As Puss looked at the two in the carriage, he realized it was love at first site for Calvin and Suzie. T.C. was very proud his plan was going smoothly and that his master found love.

T.C. then took a shortcut through the meadow and came across some peasants mowing the field. "Hiya fellas." He said to the folks. "Say, whose field is this?"

"The ogre's." One of them said. "Ogre?" T.C. said. "Yeah," another said. "He makes us harvest grain and crops and keeps most of the profits we make for himself." "If you don't," a third peasant added "he'd chop us into mincemeat."

"Well," T.C. said "not to worry. I'll save you all from this ogre guy." "You will?" the peasants said in unison. "Yup. All you guys have to do is say this field belongs to Calvin the Marquis of Carabas." T.C. informed them then went on ahead.

When the King came upon the peasants, he peered out the window. "Who owns this field?" he asked, "The Marquis of Carabas does!" they said in unison.

Puss continued to travel ahead and gave the same advice to some reapers, some farmers and gardeners. And they would give the King the same answer.

Until finally, T.C. came upon an enormous castle, which belonged to the ogre the people have mentioned. Puss heard from some of them about the ogre having magical powers, but T.C. was confident about what he was doing. He knocked at the big wooden door.

The door opened to reveal the giant ogre in front of Puss. "Who dares bother me at this time?" he boomed. Puss replied coolly "'Tis I, the cat of many names, Puss in Boots, Puss for short or Top Cat, close friends get to call me T.C." He removed his hat while bowing, and then put it back on. "I just couldn't possibly pass off the honor of meeting you and paying my respects."

"Oh, come right in." The ogre said, flattered and invites T.C. inside. As they entered the main hall, "Have a seat." The Ogre said. "I'll stand if you don't mind." T.C. said "I have heard tell that you can shape shift into any creature you will."

"You have heard right." The ogre said. "Well," T.C. said "whatever you can do, my master, the Marquis of Carabas can do better."

"Oh, can he?" the ogre said, in disbelief. "Yeah." T.C. said. "Like he can change into a lion if he were here and rip you to shreds."

The ogre just laughed and before T.C.'s eyes, transformed into lion! ROAR!!! T.C. was terrified at the appearance, that he leaped up onto the windowsill which was 8 ft. above him. "Aah!" he yelped as he almost slipped on the sill. "Darn these boots, make climbing more difficult and slippery."

The ogre laughed as he turned back to normal. "Impressed, cat?" he said, with a smug. "Not bad." T.C. said as he leaped back down to the floor, pretending to not be scared by the ogre's lion. "However, my master can transform into an elephant a squash your lion." He then said, also with a smug.

"Really?" the ogre said, as he transformed into an elephant. Trumpeting loudly, this time T.C. hid under a piece of furniture.

The ogre turned back to normal in a second, T.C. came out from under the furniture. "How was that, Puss?" the ogre said as Puss came out. "Very intriguing," he said, "most intriguing, indeed. However…" "However?!" the ogre interrupted as he held up T.C. by the neck flab.

"However, my shape-shifting, competitive friend," T.C. said coolly "my master, the Marquis of Carabas can turn into an eensy-weensy mouse and frighten your elephant."

The ogre dropped T.C. and chuckled wickedly. "We'll soon see about that." He then managed to transform into a little mouse.

"Ohh, that is most impressive." T.C. said, slurping. He then pounced on the mouse and gobbled him up. "I guess no one told Mr. Ogre," T.C. said to himself, finishing his snack "elephants being scared of mice is just a myth."

And just in time, the King's carriage was approaching he ogre's castle. When T.C. heard the carriage coming, he went right to the door to greet the King.

"Your majesty," T.C. said, bowing "welcome to the castle of the Marquis of Carabas!" "Can this be?" the King said, astonished by the castle. "Does this castle belong to you, Marquis?"

"It does, your majesty." Calvin said, also thrilled with the former ogre's castle. "And please, call me Calvin."

"Well, let's not just stand around admiring the outside," T.C. said "let's do go in." Everyone walked inside; Calvin gave his arm to Princess Suzie.

They entered a spacious dining hall where a great feast had been held, originally prepared by the ogre for himself. The King was very delighted with the Marquis' castle and banquet.

He finally brought it upon himself to say, "Great lord Marquis of Carabas, I have seen that you and my daughter are greatly getting along. Will you be my son-in-law?"

"I thought neither one of you would never ask." Calvin said as he and Princess Suzie had indeed fallen greatly in love.

The wedding was held that week, as Calvin the Marquis of Carabas and Princess Suzie has wed and lived happily ever after.

As for Puss in Boots aka Top Cat aka T.C., he never chased rodents again, except for his own entertainment. Which Chu-Chu enjoyed seeing him do as well.

/The curtains close as the audience cheers and applauds, when the curtains open again, all the actors came out one by one.
First Calvin "Coily" Collins who played the Marquis of Carabas as the audience whooped with cheers, he noticed his pals Multi and Fluey in the audience.
Then Allan Mayberry who played the eldest son as the audience whooped and cheered, he saw Josie and the Pussycats along with Alexandra, Alexander and Sebastian the cat in the middle row seats.
Then out came Freddy Jones who played the middle son, the audience cheered with whooping for him. He saw the Mysteries Inc. gang in the far left seating.
Then came the star, Top Cat as the audience cheered, applauded and whooped for him most of all. Especially his posse and Officer Dibble.
Also Suzie Wong who played the princess came out, followed by her father who played the King. Also Chu-Chu. They noticed the rest of the Chan Clan in the audience.
Also the ogre comes out as everyone cheers for him.
And finally the extras such as the hat-maker, boot-maker, tailor, farmers, gardeners, reapers and peasants come out as everyone cheers, whoops and applauds them. Everyone on stage takes a bow or so together before the curtain closes again.
In the theater lobby, all the actors and many audience members were having refreshments; some actors were even signing autographs./

Coily: Wow T.C., you were really awesome.

T.C.: Don't mention it. You weren't so bad yourself. (with some egotism in voice) But did ya hear that applause? The public really liked me.

/Coily rolled his eyes at T.C.'s egotism as the two were still signing autographs. That's also when Multi and Fluey show up./

Fluey: Hey Coily, you were awesome.

Multi: Terrific show. Even though, T.C. kinda stole the show.

Coily: Thanks fellas. You're right.

T.C.: Well, who wouldn't adore a cat in wee little boots?

Benny: (Chortles)

The End.
Whew, finally this is done. Took longer than expected. For :iconcoopergal24:'s Hanna-Barbera Fairytale contest. This is my first ever story written in novel-style, even though the prologue is in script-style. It was nice writing in novel-form, but I really am perfectly happy with script form.

If you don't like my decision, then go suck a lemon! However, I do hope you enjoyed the story. If you have any critique to give, please don't be shy to do so, I only ask you to please make it polite sounding.
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FluidGirl82 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2010
Top Cat and the Impossibles. Two of my all time favorite things in the world! AWESOME! Nice use of some of the other HB characters as well. LOVE IT!
tiedye237 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much :D :love: for the compliment and fave. ;)
FluidGirl82 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010
I should've posted this earlier, but oh well. For some reason, I find your choice of "stars" of this story to be pretty funny. It's because of a fanfic I wrote on called "Java." Here's the link if you want to read it:

tiedye237 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
heheh Thanks, II'll be sure to read the fanfic sooner or later.
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